We will be having 20 different workshops in many different fields from planning sustainable events, updates on ceremonies, and finding your place in the lodge.

Lodge Structure

This session is much like a LLD training in which participants will takeaway a greater understanding of the lodge structure and the overall function of each person. In this session, participants will be introduced to the LEC structure as well as various positions on the LEC. They will also learn about the overall structure of the Order of the Arrow; from national to troop. At the end of the session, participants will be better prepared for the rest of the trainings throughout the weekend.

Growing Our Order

Show the participants statistics from the 3 new JTE components and emphasize the importance of best practices to grow the Order of the Arrow. While the Order of the Arrow has a limited market we can pull for membership, there are still many ways the lodge can increase interest in the Order.

New and innovative ideas are what make the Order of the Arrow sustainable. We can still change without fundamentally altering the organization as a whole. However, to be sustainable and relevant for the future, we must be willing to change and accept new ideas.


There are many different online forms of communication that can be used to help make communication in your lodge or chapter more effective. From basecamp to trello and everything in between, there is a program for everyone.

These programs are meant to streamline communications between people. Some of these are essentially an email about an email, while some of these, such as Trello, can be helpful in planning events and setting tasks for everyone you are talking to.

Unit Engagement

Unit engagement is vastly important to gaining more participation in the Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is a grassroots organization in which the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

The more we as an organization engage units, the more accepting they will be of our program. Often times, we hear the narrative that scoutmasters do not approve of the Order of the Arrow and the organization “stealing their boys”.

Moving into the Second Century

While the Order of the Arrow has been around for over 100 years now, the organization is still rapidly changing. In order to be relevant in the 21st century, we must update our programs to the 21st century. As an organization, we need to continue to push the envelope and deliver the highest quality program we can possibly come up with.


While much of the Order of the Arrow’s trainings are focused on new membership, there is almost no information on getting old members active again. One great way to do this is through the troop representative program. The Order of the Arrow is largely a grassroots organization, one in which word-of-mouth is what really drives the organization.


Many lodges think of new and innovative ways to contact their members. While this is great for one demographic, the younger people, the more experienced arrowmen often times aren’t very tech-savy. Instead, think inside the box and utilize all types of media to reach out to members, such as lodge newsletters, council newsletters, etc.

The Second Century Ceremony

This session is particularly important due to the fact that everyone in the Order of the Arrow has been through a ceremony and they are often times the first exposure one has with the organization. Ceremonies will present further challenges once youth females are allowed to join the Order of the Arrow in the coming months. The idea is to inform the participants and empower them to keep the experience of the induction the same, while still conforming to policy.

Keeping Our Order Sustainable

These programs have set a legacy for the Order of the Arrow with many groups, including the National Park Service, various state and local parks, and many others.