Working With Your LEC

Building Regalia on a budget

Unit Engagement

New members are the future of organization, but why is always so hard to get them involved? Attend this engaging session to learn more reaching out not only to troops, but also to Venturing crews to better boost your numbers. This session is meant to provoke though provoking ideas while also be engaging.

Letting the Youth Drive

One of the greatest challenges of an adult in the Order of the Arrow is allowing youth leaders to lead. In this workshop, adult arrowmen will learn how to allow themselves to take a step back and empower their youth to be leaders in the controlled setting that scouting and the Order of the Arrow permits. In the words of John Maxwell, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

Planning an Event

During this session, participants will learn and work on their skills to plan an event. They will look at different ways to plan as well as get different ideas on what to do during the process. Some highlights include: The planning process, using the LEC, and having ways to attract participants.

Growing Our Order

Show the participants statistics from the 3 new JTE components and emphasize the importance of best practices to grow the Order of the Arrow. While the Order of the Arrow has a limited market we can pull for membership, there are still many ways the lodge can increase interest in the Order.

New and innovative ideas are what make the Order of the Arrow sustainable. We can still change without fundamentally altering the organization as a whole. However, to be sustainable and relevant for the future, we must be willing to change and accept new ideas.

Organizing a Dance Team

High Performing Lodges

The objective of this session is to teach participants about the newest Order of the Arrow initiative put in place in order to maximize membership numbers. This session has been requested by region and national leadership.


High performing lodges are measured by 3 new JTE statistics; Election Rate, Induction Rate, and Activation Rate. These three new statistics have been in place since 2016 and are meant to outline the weak points of a lodge’s induction process and how they can improve.


These statistics are different for every lodge and can be eye-opening. Every lodge in the nation has a statistic out of the three that they should make better.


While much of the Order of the Arrow’s trainings are focused on new membership, there is almost no information on getting old members active again. One great way to do this is through the troop representative program. The Order of the Arrow is largely a grassroots organization, one in which word-of-mouth is what really drives the organization.


Many lodges think of new and innovative ways to contact their members. While this is great for one demographic, the younger people, the more experienced arrowmen often times aren’t very tech-savy. Instead, think inside the box and utilize all types of media to reach out to members, such as lodge newsletters, council newsletters, etc.

Lodge Structure

This presentation is a general overview of the structure of youth leadership positions from the National to Troop level.  We will also outline the positions, committees, and the structure of the positions that are held by the youth at each lodge. Finally, we will give a brief explanation of the need for each lodge, what the lodge provides for each member and troop, and how each member can help to serve towards the success of their own lodge.


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Recruiting and Retaining a Ceremony Team with Support Staff

This presentation will push for the importance in a strong ceremony, in order to maintain a strong Ceremony team. Also discussing how to effectively use a support team while keeping all memebers active and excited about their part in the OA!

Keeping Our Order Sustainable

Everything in the Order of the Arrow, including service, leadership and communications is set up to maintain and grow the Order of the Arrow program in the Boy Scouts of America over a period of time into the future – Sustainability. Sustainability is not just about the physical environment, but all aspects of our Order and society that we want to maintain, working toward a successful future.

Moving into the Second Century

The objective of this session is to educate the participants on the recent changes to the Order of the Arrow and how to utilize those to make our program better for the Second Century.


While the Order of the Arrow has been around for over 100 years now, the organization is still rapidly changing. In order to be relevant in the 21st century, we must update our programs to the 21st century. As an organization, we need to continue to push the envelope and deliver the highest quality program we can possibly come up with.


One way in which the organization is keeping up with a rapidly changing world is the introduction of females into the program. The Order of the Arrow exists to support Scouting and their decisions. The Order of the Arrow is wholeheartedly supporting the new policies of the Boy Scouts of America and is following suit by allowing youth females into the program.


While the overall structure and traditions of the Order of the Arrow are not changing, the membership will. Introducing females into the program will benefit not only the females we serve, but also the males who are already members of the organization.

Finding Your Place in the Lodge

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether you are the national chief or a brand new ordeal member, everyone in this room has a reason for being involved in the Order of the Arrow.

It is much simpler than you may think to become involved in the Order of the Arrow. Many chapters and lodges are always looking for people who have a passion for something. Whether its communications or high adventure, everyone has something to give to their lodge.